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❶All of the links below come from those search results. I finally sent them copies of every complaint from complain boards I could find.



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Inorder for you to apply for any positions you have to join by paying a subscription. Once a found a job I notified them via their website that I wanted to cancel my memership and remove my resume. It does not say anything on the page about any renewals.

This site is a scam. Not one person has ever been able to get a position off the Ladders. I am researching the Ladders right now, trying to figure out if I want to use it or not still undecided , but I did come across a blog posting by a Microsoft staffing manager who stated that she has hired a significant number of people from the Ladders.

I did a one month. Went to cancel and the web site said I was auto-renewed for another month. I sent a message through their contact form and got a response back in about two hours, with a credit towards my account.

My main complaint is that they claim to be posting new jobs a day - where the heck are these jobs? They even called me on the telephone the girl sounded like she was about 12 and I could tell she was reading from a script. My experience with The Ladders was one of immediate distrust and complete dis-satisfaction. First let me say from the very moment I submitted my application and went through the process they had their hands out for more money.

Let me preface this by saying, before submitting my resume, I had it done by a professional resume writing service. I thought the resume was outstanding, as have many other prospective employers. Yet The Ladders sent me a critique that I now realize was a cookie cutter letter to get more money out of me.

That said, the support I received was a joke. Even after numerous calls and complaints, no one bothered to lift a finger. The Ladders already had my money! I finally sent them copies of every complaint from complain boards I could find. Within 24 hours I was told I would receive a full refund. I did have the refund deposited within 72 hours back into my account. I wish I had checked the complaint boards before I went through this experience.

In my estimation, The Ladders is a trap for those unemployed people with hopes of finding employment. They promise you the world and deliver next to nothing. Sites like Monster, Career Builder are free and deliver much more. Complete waste of time and money. Their Resume critique system is a joke.

My guess is that sooner rather than later they will go out of Business Agreed with primary complaint. As for Rick Wingender, do you work for The Ladders; given your sweeping dismissal of the original complaint? The Ladders is posting the same job with the exact same description for multiple cities all with the Mergis Group.

This appears to be a phishing scheme.: The Mergis Group Jobid: The ideal candidate will have a public accounting background with excellent industry I signed up for the free service but then discovered to actually apply for anything you had to be a paid up Member, swapped a few emails with them telling them they were a load of scammers in a polite way Have no intention of paying for anything from them.

Not worth the money -Customer service is nonexistent. I have to disagree with all the nay sayers. I have received reach outs from corporate head hunters one last week to be exact as well as contract head hunters, I have received job interviews both local and travel paid and multiple job offers over the years.

So, a scam it is not. For anyone complaining about posting of the same job title with the exact same description for multiple cities, blame the poster of the job, not The Ladders. If anyone is fishing, its the organization doing the posting. If you believe your resume is great, stay with it.

So let me get this straight, the two champions of THE LADDERS service on this blog actually took time out of their outrageously busy executve days to search out and log onto a complaint board, hunt out complaints about the service and then defend it?

We we gullable enough to believe the false cliams once "Mr. Shame on you for even furthering your deceit. This is not an easy time to get a job. A friend of mine had suggested the ladders. I was on it for a few months I was starting to get depressed.

I took advantage of their free resume critique, thinking why the hell not. Well, their response nearly made me fall out of my chair.

They make you feel like your resume is the worst thing that you have ever written in your life. That said - it gave me a huge wake up call at the time and I went and bought a lot of books on job hunting.

I realized, I was being lazy - just uploading resumes, and waiting for the phone to ring. Different days - you have to work a lot harder, and I realized my resume did need some work. Well, after I gave myself a good kick, I changed my resume tailoring it to each job , and carefully worded my cover letters, among lots of other things. Well, I started getting responses, and what I like about The Ladders is it seems to have many more recruiter-posted jobs then other websites - and a recruiter contact in my opinion is great.

That is a plus too. They claim to have more than 50, high-level salaried positions , located in various regions of the USA and UK in their database for you to choose from. Best Resume Services think that this is quite impressive and adds a plus to their review. You can upload your resume , create email alerts and even get a comprehensive advice absolutely for free!

In case you want your resume to be applied to over The support team of theladers. The good thing is that they do support their customers via phone, as many resume distribution services do not have such an option, but 24h support availability would rank them higher in the list of the best resume distribution services.

Overall, best resume writing services consider The Ladders distribution service worth turning to. Box and a disposable email address and Tip 8 about what information you may want to leave off of your resume. Write a proper reference contact. This reference contact is important for you to get the job. Employers will contact your list to check the authenticity of your experience which you listed in your resume.

The best content to write in this part is to use your social-network. These people will make your applicantion more persuasible. Not every job offer you see is for a real job -- some jobs are just scams.

After you post your resume, you may hear from a person offering you a job that is a scam. Fake job scams have become a very serious problem in online job searching, as detailed in the World Privacy Forum "Job Fraud" report. There are usually some clear tip-offs that a job may be a scam. If any of the above are true, please understand that you may be looking at a fraudulent job. So you posted your resume, and now you are getting responses. Be wise and discerning. Not every offer is worth your time.

Some job offers are outright scams see truth 3 and some job offers are just attempts to get you to post your resume on a new job site. Other job offers are simply marketing emails to get you to spend money on "help" finding a job. Private resume posting will cut down on these kinds of emails, but it will not cure the entire problem.

Even if you post your resume privately, you will have to be smart about what emails you choose to respond to. Red flags to look out for include: See truth 3 about job scams. Of course, you can get a legitimate job offer after you post a resume.

In the World Privacy Forum year-long Job Search Study, research showed that the best job offers usually came within the first month of the resume being posted. After that, the quality of the responses dropped fairly dramatically. If your resume has been posted online for several months, it is a good idea to just take it down and start over. Even the most careful, conscientious sites cannot control your resume after someone has downloaded it.

After you have posted your resume, it can be downloaded and used in ways you may never have imagined, and may not like. Job sites do not have the ability to control how a recruiter or employer uses your resume after it is has been downloaded. Most sites watch for problems - such as rapid resume downloads -- and enforce terms of use agreements with employers and recruiters. But let the job seeker beware. When it comes to resume databases, the job sites put the responsibility on the job seeker to understand the risks involved in posting a resume online.

You can ease this problem by posting your resume privately, with your contact information hidden. Unless you are applying to the Federal or State government, never put a Social Security Number on your resume.

Please, keep your SSN off of your resume, and be very cautious about emailing it to people who ask for it. You should only give your SSN to an employer after you have fully validated them as a legitimate employer. Beware of fake job offers, especially those for "work at home" offers.

Unless you have physically visited the place of employment or have fully validated the employer by checking with the Better Business Bureau and other agencies, then do not send your SSN, especially through email. Remember, most legitimate employers will move slowly in the hiring process and will want to interview you one, two, or more times before they officially sign you on as an employee.

Using a disposable email address and a P. Box can save you from many headaches later on. It is not a good idea to post a resume openly online. But if you decide to post your resume to a site that does not allow you to mask your identity, then mask it yourself. Use a post office box, and do not give your street address to an employer until you have verified them fully. Even if you post your resume privately, it is still a good idea to use "disposable" contact information that does not tie back to your street address or place of residence.

If a data breach occurs at an online job site, disposable contact information may help mitigate some of the potential risk, depending on the type of breach. Things to omit from your resumes if you post it online Your school name, possibly.

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