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How has Scotland changed under Macbeth's rule?

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❶BBC Learning Scotland has some fantastic online games to help you explore different times in Scottish history:

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In other words, under Macbeth, Scotland has become a place of uncertainty. Moreover, loyal men like Macduff are denounced as traitors, even though they have not committed an act of treason. As a result, families are broken up, wives left without husbands, and children left without fathers.

There is an immense danger, too, as we see from the brutal murder of Lady Macduff and her son later in this scene. This notion is also reinforced in the next scene when Malcolm calls Macbeth a "tyrant" and talks of "poor Scotland. Under Macbeth, then, Scotland has deteriorated from a kingdom of stability to one of extreme violence and oppression. Subsequently, Macbeth gets the family of Macduff killed. As Macbeth moves from fear to fear, he unleashes a reign of terror in Scotland, killing wholesale whomsoever he doubts to be his enemy and therefore, a traitor.

Ross, talking to Lady Macduff in act4 sc. How Scotland changed under the despotic violence of Macbeth is best expressed in the Macduff-Macbeth conversation in act4 sc. Malcolm responds in the similar vein of melancholy anguish: When the play begins, Scotland, with no little thanks to MacBeth and Banquo is victorious in battle, first against Macdonwald and the Irish soldiers and then against the Norwegian King.

King Duncan and all of Scotland is feeling strong and secure. With each murder Macbeth commits, Scotland is reduced both in strength and security. By act IV, there is much fighting with the country itself, and Malcom and Donalbain have had to reach outside Scotland for help in bringing Macbeth down. Scotland gets its name from an Irish tribe, the Scoti or Scots.

In about the 5th century AD, they crossed from Ireland to Argyll in Scotland and set up their own kingdom. By the 9th century Scotland was ruled by the Scots and the Picts; their territory later became the kingdom of Alba. In , at the battle of Bannockburn, Scotland defeated the English army and won independence. The Scottish army was led by Robert the Bruce, who was recognised as king by the English in Scotland was an independent country up until the 15th century.

But although England and Scotland had the same king, they had separate parliaments for another years! In the 18th century, a group of people know as the Jacobites wanted to see a member of the Stuart family on the throne of Britain instead of the new king, George I , who was German. For near 40 years after the battle the British government banned the wearing of clan tartans and the playing of bagpipes. In a process of "devolution" gave the Scottish people the power to make lots of their own decisions about government and the Scottish Parliament was established in Edinburgh.

Today Scotland is a self-governing part of the UK. The country has its own legal system, with different laws from the rest of the UK, as well as its own educational system. Scotland is a country with much culture and tradition. It is famous for its bagpipes, kilts and Highland dancing to name but a few! It is also a country that boasts some famous athletes and Olympic medal winners including tennis player Andy Murray, rower Katherine Grainger and cyclist Sir Chris Hoy.

The Scottish capital houses one of the largest performing arts festivals in the world, the Edinburgh International Festival, which attracts over , people annually. Scotland is also home to some great literary talents. They produced huge volumes of literature and poems and are still very well known today. A step-by-step guide to creating an origami Loch Ness monster.

Beag air Bheag is a Scottish Gaelic website for absolute beginners. Why not learn a Gaelic song or a few basic phrases? BBC Learning Scotland has some fantastic online games to help you explore different times in Scottish history: Play some online games to help you understand how the Scottish Parliament works - try election snakes and ladders or make a new law! Find out more about Scottish clans and see if your surname is a clan name.

Clean up the Clyde in a digital game from Glasgow Science Centre. A guide to " Nessie spotting "! Some top-line facts and figures about Scotland. Find out all about the Saltire, the Scottish flag. Lots of famous Scottish actors have read the poems of Robert Burns and you can listen to the recordings online.

Lots of instruments are used to make Scottish traditional music ; you can also look at a map of musical Scotland and hear some tunes. Find out more about the Highland Games , where events include tug-o-war, caber toss, Highland dancing and clan celebrations. The kilt is the traditional clothing of Scotland.

Find out more about how Harris tweed is woven in a series of videos. Some of the best family places to visit in Scotland. Visit the Scottish Parliament in person, or learn about it online. Skara Brae is a Stone Age village on Orkney and one of the best-preserved prehistoric sites in Europe. Hoping to spot dolphins or whales off the coast of Scotland?

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Scotland information for kids and KS1 and KS2 homework and project work. Famous for kilts, bagpipes, haggis and outstanding natural beauty, Scotland is a country that boasts much culture and with England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Scotland is part of the United Kingdom and is the most northerly country in the UK.

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