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High school students are encouraged to volunteer and complete their community service learning hours and study in the reserved computer room at the center. All volunteers agreed to background checks to ensure the safety of all children. Parents will also support the fundraising efforts for the program. Tutors will be at every station to assist with the home assignments.

All tutors will go through a brief training program to understand the core principles of mentoring, safety, rules and regulations. This volunteer based program accepts applications from interested adults who are willing to give their time and support.

All children are monitored in a big group session at all times. The program will include supper, snacks, academic games, tutorials, mentoring, a Reading Club, a chess club, a nutrition club, a poetry club, an art club and a foreign language component. The Druid Heights community is located two miles northwest of downtown Baltimore in zip code of the 44th Legislative District, within Census Tract The juvenile arrest rate, although declining, is still high compared to the overall statistics for the city.

Crime and drug activity in the Druid Heights community is high. Most parents are at work when children return home from school. This is a critical time in the day when children need supervision and academic support.

The after school program will keep them out of the street and away from trouble. The after school program will identify the needs of families and provide resources and assistance from program offered at the community center. Families will access to a myriad of services. Staff from the program and designated volunteers will visit the schools of the participants on a bi-weekly basis or as necessary to determine the progress of our students.

A core principle is to celebrate all progress for each student. We believe in positive reinforcement and will apply it on the daily basis. A cart will be posted with the name of each participant where award points can be added for successes throughout the school year. All awards, certificates and good Progress Reports will earn students are point on the board.

The points can also be awarded for participation and good behavior. In the after school program children are encouraged to read books, practice good grammar and do math exercises while learning and having fun.

The program will serve three major goals for the community:. To reinforce reading and math skills during the homework time in order to prevent children from falling behind while reinforcing academic achievements. To support struggling families by giving their children education, mentorship and hope for a better future.

Many community residents and volunteers from around the City are looking for ways to give back. This program will offer an opportunity for people to come in and assist the children in the community.

All volunteers will be subject to a background check and will work under the direction of the Office of Community Resources. Tavon Benson, Community Organizer is the direct contact for the program. Anthony Pressley, Director of Community Resources is the general overseer of the program. All reporting is to Mr. Last meeting minutes are available for download. We will start at 4: Hope you can join us! Student tutors are the heart of the program. Tutors work with students individually or in small groups and offer tutoring as well as friendship, encouragement, and guidance.

The relationship that develops between tutors, teachers and students provides the kind of guidance, support and inspiration necessary for their future success. This after school tutoring program provides free tutoring sessions for students who need one-on-one help with their homework and assignments. Students registered in this program are tutored in the library at Guildford Park Secondary School. The tutoring homework program targets our underachievers whom we often lose due to their lack of success.

Also, it gives our senior students a rewarding opportunity to provide their time and academic expertise to others in need. Guildford Park Community Group began its pilot-tutoring program seven years ago. Our after school tutoring program is dedicated to raising academic achievement levels for low income and at-risk youth in our inner city community. Our successes in helping the student achieve the outcomes of the tutoring and homework activity translates into student success in the classroom the following day.

Our research and documentation prove that this program is very successful. Since September , over students have received tutoring services.

Thirty five to forty students per day use this after school program statistics attached. We have had positive feedback from the parents and students.

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Good programs have staff to monitor homework and provide help when needed. This person may be a certified teacher (this is likely if the program is school-based). Some programs .

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Grades K-6 Monday-Friday from p.m. For grades K-6, Woodlynde offers the CARES After-School Program free of charge. The afternoon begins with snack and homework, with assistance provided by Woodlynde teachers.

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After-School Achievment Program (ASAP) Mission Statement. The goal at UCC is to engage youth in their education and help them to set high goals for their education and future job possibilities. After-School Programs: After the school day ends, Combines homework help, dance, music, sports, and fitness games into a daily program.

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Homework help from an afterschool program can reduce battles at home. Afterschool programs may improve kids’ social skills. Older kids in afterschool programs are less likely to get involved in risky behavior. A good afterschool program can turn the aimless hours after school into productive. Homework help is an important part of many afterschool programs. This portion of the toolkit includes content that afterschool staff and program leaders can use to develop and maintain effective practices aimed at improving academic outcomes for students.