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War on Iraq- Stillman

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❶A good point to discuss is how these changes connected with the previous century? Whatever topic you choose you should be thorough; be it one of the World Wars, the American Civil War or Iraq War, you should do extensive research on the purpose, nature, events and the aftermath of the war.

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Effects during the Iran Iraq war: Iraq began facing difficulties prior to Iran strengthened by war strong initiative in attacks seeming better able to survive along conflict. Series of Iraqi victories in compelled Iran to accept previously refused ceasefire agreement. Tanker war of Iraqi attempt to sabotage Iran. United states threatened to invade Iran if they closed strait. Iraq attacked Iranian kharg island iol tankers in Both nations attacked oil tankers and merchant ships in an effort to bankrupt opponent.

US involvement lead to death of innocent passengers on mistaken airline,strike on 5 oil vessels. Stalemate ,Iraqi forces better trained ,out numbered by Iranian forces,civilinas became new target. Iraq attacked 65 Iranian citites in 42 days 8 missile targets killed 65 children in an elementary school. Iranian civilian aircrafts,trains,Teheran oil refinery were destroyed. Iraq launched scuds at Iran, received in return.

Repeated offesives exhausted Iranian capabilities for the war. Iranians no longer supported the war. Publicizing the war pushed for UN ceasefire. Iran angrily denied USSR limited missile ceasefire. Historically oppressed by the Iraqi government. Kurdish support for Iran angered Iraq. Iraq launched support for Iran angered Iraq. Iraq launched heavy poison gas attacks on halabjah, march United States only nation that did not publicly condemn use of chemical warfare. Final stages —moving towards ceasefire:.

Iran accepted peace resolution on august 20 , both sides agreed to pre-war boundaries. Important aspects of Resolution Accept ceasefire and withdraw forces. Settle border disputes under UN held negotiations. Same terms as resolution. Immediately rebuilt broken ties with Saudi Arabia ,Kuwait , Bahrain.

What does the United States have to gain from a war with Iraq? Supporters of a war with Iraq say it will help prevent the risk of an attack by weapons of mass destruction developed by Iraq. Critics of a military action that say nothing will be gained, and the U. They claim that casualties will be too costly for America to afford.

Nonetheless, America should act while others will not for fear of disturbing global peace. The new resolution calls for complete disarmament of Iraq and the re-entrance of weapons inspectors into Iraq. If Iraq fails to comply, then military force would be taken in order to disarm Iraq. This proposal met opposition from council members Russia, China, and France.

They thought that the U. For weeks they refused to believe that the only way to make Iraq disarm is through the threat of force and the fear of being wiped out.

Iraq for the past several years has violated numerous U. Ever since the end of the Gulf War, Iraq has disregarded these policies by removing weapons inspectors, which in turn has allowed Iraq to further research weapons of mass destruction.

In the U. After the operation succeeded and inspectors were allowed back in, all seemed well and little attention was paid to Iraq. Since political powers did not deem it worthy to check on Iraq and put their main focus on Wall Street, Iraq renewed their weapons program and everyone just did not pay attention. In one moment I seemed to stay still.

The main reason for that was a gun that was focusing right into my heard. All of sudden, I felt a terrible pain in my left eye.

At that very moment I imaged helicopter that was flying above my heard. I was simply devastated. I felt that from that point life would be different that in was during the previous times.

Something was lost forever, and there was no chance to return my dream. And that dream was becoming a helicopter pilot. Now things have changed…Jack in not 19 any more. I lost my dream of becoming a helicopter pilot but I am still alive and enjoy this life while being a helicopter pilot.

I love my new job and prefer communication to staying long hours at home. I still remember that cursed car, but now things look different…I not want to look in the past. I live at present and he enjoy that present. When asked about the events from the past…I prefer not to remember, but to forget. Actually, I remember driving along in the tank, up that road…than me standing up outside through the open hatch at the top. Then was a fatal shoot that deprived me of my left eye.

I still find it difficult to remember all these facts. But I do remember that at that moment my life would never be like it was during the previous years. I saw my body floating below me and … a whiteness … I was falling down and was feeling a terrible pain. Moments later, I woke up and saw many people around me. All these people were the personnel of the hospital.

My situation was rather tragic. Then I looked up at Sam…What I have experienced at that moment was a very close look at my eyes…And then I have understood that there can be other senses in my life. And it is human life that is the most valuable thing at the universe.

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