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❶Successful candidates will demonstrate expertise in among other things the ability to reflect critically and ethically on matters of equity and social justice in educational settings; and to collaborate to solve educational problems and implement strategic actions that reflect justice for all students and stakeholders.

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Legal loop-holes allow you to get your Ph.D., DBA degree based on experience.
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Further, it ranks the university at for best education schools in the nation and for best Doctor of Nursing Practice programs in the nation. Our second state institution on the list, Valdosta State University was founded in and is located in Valdosta, GA. The central focus of the program is on practical issues in administration including leadership, management, communication, and problem solving within the contexts of various professional environments.

At the center of the program is training in how to use web technology. Further, students must attend residency seminars throughout the program as well as meetings during the first weeks of both semesters on campus. The rest of the program is delivered online. Possible careers include assistant city manager, budget analyst, budget director, city administrator, city manager, public policy analyst, public works director, town manager, finance officer, environmental health director, court administrator, college professor, and many more.

It is a public institution that was founded in The university offers three concentrations in their Doctor of Education Program: The Doctor of Education with a concentration in Nursing Education is a credit hour program which includes 15 hours for writing the dissertation. The time allotted for the program is 11 semesters. The objectives of the program center on training students to take on complex and advanced faculty and leadership roles, be a part of curriculum design, develop courses, and evaluate programs and learner outcomes through evidence-based strategies.

The program also attempts to train change agents in the field of nursing education. The Doctor of Education in Professional Counseling and Supervision attempts to train graduates for advancement and achievement in counseling-related positions. The program is 60 credit hours for those students entering without an Ed. The Doctor of Education with a concentration in School Improvement is 60 credit hours long.

The goal is to train leaders who can implement systemic and sustainable improvements to schools. The dissertation project is worked on during coursework, creating a sort of synergy between applied coursework and theoretical implementation.

News and World Report ranks the online education programs at the University of West Georgia at 84 in the nation. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is another public institution in our top The tuition for the online doctorate is very competitive, placing the institution in our top Not unlike other institutions, the Doctor of Education degrees attempt to train professionals who have advanced knowledge in their field in order to apply it to real-world situations.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Education Studies, however, trains students to be researchers in the field. The Doctor of Philosophy in Education Studies has three areas of concentration: The program, while mostly delivered for distance students, requires six hours of on-campus research seminars. The Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies is 90 credit hours. The Doctor of Education degree is intended to train educational administrators either in the P or higher education contexts.

The program is built to support and education administrators already working in their own contexts. Through the use of internships, gaining group skills by working on collaborative projects, and work in groundbreaking cognate areas historically important to practitioners, the program seeks to train successful leaders in education. New and World Report ranks the University of Nebraska-Lincoln at nationally and is ranked 51 among top public schools, 4 among best online graduate education programs, and 43 among best education schools nationally.

American College of Education is a for-profit college based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Founded in , the college is entirely focused on training educators and provides only degrees and certificates in the area of education. American College of Education provides one doctoral program. The Doctor of Education Ed. Applicants to the program should already have an earned M. Up to 18 credit hours can be accepted from other institutions. There are no residency requirements for the program in order to keep costs down.

Instead, virtual meetings take place and all seminars are self-paced. The program looks to train leaders to be change agents in their respective communities. The final project in the degree requires original research. Since the program does not require any residency, the college attempts to connect the student with peers and professors through seminars, study groups, and online Doctoral commons discussion forums.

Once the degree is completed, students have an opportunity to attend commencement either virtually or in person. Full time is 6 to 7 cred hours per week term and assignments have a certain degree of flexibility in order to encourage research in leadership in a number of fields and venues. Delta State University is another public institution that lands in our top It is located in Cleveland, Mississippi on acres and was founded in In terms of admissions, there are two different paths: Non-Family Nurse Practitioner student do 1, clinical hours.

Family Nurse Practitioner students and all doctoral level students do clinical hours. The program is almost entirely delivered online. However, students do have to make on-campus visits per semester. There are also options to take the program on a part-time basis. For the PhD in Clinical Psychology, years 1 and 3 are online mixed with clinical practice and dissertation work. The second year has on-campus clinical instruction. University of the Cumberlands is a private institution that was founded in Located in Williamsburg, Kentucky, the university is located on acres and provides a number of online doctoral programs.

Included among the online doctoral programs are a Ph. Many of the online doctoral programs at University of the Cumberlands are extensions of the Ph. The program specifically in Leadership concentrates on training leaders in teaching and administrative methods. The program trains leaders who will go on to work in community organizations, higher education, and K schools. The doctorate in Leadership has two primary emphases outside of the primary leadership degree: Educational Leadership and Counselor Education and Supervision.

The Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership is a 60 credit hour program. On-campus classes are available and meet on Saturdays. The Doctor of Education in Counselor Education and Supervision attempts to train people who want a career in higher education instruction.

The program lasts approximately 3 years. At the end of the program, students participate in clinical training. Established in and currently residing on 1, acres, the University of Alabama is a public institution located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. University of Alabama offers a number of online doctoral programs including in the areas of Education, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics , and Nursing.

Entirely delivered online, the Doctor of Nursing Practice program attempts to prepare nurses for positions in leadership in the healthcare industry or to take part in specialty practice. The program is 40 credit hours. There are required campus visits and they are planned between students and advisors. A hybrid program, The Doctor of Education for Nursing Educators requires some weekend formatted courses Friday evening and all-day Saturday.

Intended to train practicing nurses, the program attempts to transform students into leaders who will become faculty teaching in colleges and universities. Both nursing and education faculty make up those who teach in this researched based program. This program is a more expensive program and the exception to the above-mentioned tuition.

There is an international component to this program with trips to other countries to learn about administration and running schools. Students must be on campus one weekend a month for classes. The program is three years long and 66 credit hours total. News and World Report ranks the University of Alabama at nationally and at 46 among top public schools in the nation.

Further, it is ranked 51 among online graduate engineering programs nationally, 93 among the best education schools in the nation, and 34 among the best among Doctor of Nursing Practice degrees in the nation. California Southern University is a private university that was founded in The institution is entirely online and the headquarters is located in Costa Mesa, California. The Juris Doctor is an online doctoral degree that offers a way for busy working professionals who need flexibility and want to study law or become a lawyer.

The program is rigorous and challenging with an emphasis on analytical thinking and ethical responsibility. The program uses case books and materials used at the top law programs in the nation. The program is 88 credits long. The Doctor of Business Administration provides a degree program for senior leadership roles. For students with MBA, the advanced doctoral degree helps students gain business expertise at the highest academic level.

The Doctor of Business Administration is a practical degree that trains leaders to develop practical, specialized knowledge. The Doctor of Psychology degree is an applied, clinically focused degree that trains students to meet licensure requirements in the state of California.

The program is 66 credit hours long. A professional degree, the Doctor of Nursing Practice is meant for working nurses striving to increase their skills in leadership and in the field in general. The program is 39 credit hours long with no dissertation requirement.

Further, it requires 1, hours of supervised clinical preceptorship. Another program at Indiana State University that is one of kind is the Doctorate in Athletic Training which seeks to advance the skills and knowledge of credentialed athletic trainers.

The program is in a cohort format with 57 total. Face-to-face on-campus requirements total about days annually with days at the end of each semester. Students must attend a three-week residency during the summer. School Administration is meant for students seeking jobs in educational administration at the K level.

The program has four mandatory face-to-face sessions in the regional area of the student. Lastly, a 66 credit hour program, the Ph. News and World Report ranks Indiana State University at 81 for best online graduate nursing programs nationally, for best online graduate programs in education nationally, at among education schools in the nation, and at among Doctor of Nursing Practice programs in the nation.

Another public university in our top 20, the University of North Dakota is located in Grand Forks, North Dakota and was founded in The University of North Dakota offers a number of online Ph. The program is online with face-to-face intensives which are held once or a twice a year for three to five days. The program trains nursing professionals in research and teaching in the field. The Doctor of Nursing degree is a professional degree that is held online with once campus visit per semester.

A program that does not deviate from the on-campus program, the Ph. Courses are offered online and in-class, sometimes simultaneously and sometimes recorded. The program is a credit hour program beyond the baccalaureate. This program, however, does not place this school in our 18 slot nor does the other science and tech degrees.

With only three on-campus mandatory visits, The Electrical Engineering Ph. The online courses mirror those offered on campus, giving the student the option to go from online to on-campus seamlessly.

The program is 90 credit hours long post-baccalaureate. The program trains researchers in energy efficiency and implementation. News and World Report ranks the University of North Dakota at among national universities and at among top public schools in the nation. A public institution founded in , Ball State University located in Muncie, Indiana on 1, acres.

Ball State University offers three online doctorates, two in the field of Education and one in the field of Nursing. In nursing, the university offers a Doctorate of Nursing Practice. Besides a mostly online experience, there are mandatory one-day meetings which can be attended in person but have a virtual option. The program is 90 credit hours with a minimum of 40 credit hours having to be done at Ball State University.

The Doctorate of Education in Adult, Higher, and Community Education focuses on knowledge, skills, attitudes and values regarding teaching, learning, evaluating, planning, program development, leadership, policy, and research. As a hybrid program, there is a mixture of both on-site courses as well as online courses. The program is 91 credit hours long with at least 48 needing to be taken through Ball State University.

Targeted at administrators, the Doctorate of Education in Education Administration and Supervision the program seeks to train leaders who are interested in advancing the profession through teaching, research, and service.

News and World Report ranks Ball State University at among national university and 93 among public schools. Further, the university is ranked at 13 in online graduate nursing programs and at 16 in online graduate education programs.

A public institution located in Fayetteville, Arkansas, The University of Arkansas was founded in and currently resides on acres. Offering hybrid programs, The University of Arkansas have on-campus requirements at various rates. The degrees that are offered are in the fields of Education and Nursing.

Focusing on assessment, design, and implementation of programs for adult learners, the Doctor of Education in Adult and Lifelong Learning is mostly online with four face-to-face sessions that occur on the Fayetteville campus.

The program is 96 credit hours long. A very flexible program with a wide range of possible jobs, the Doctor of Education in Human Resource and Workforce Development Education has a wide range of applications and students who enter the program often have degrees in psychology, organizational behavior, organizational development, consulting, program design, among many others.

All coursework is delivered online. Like other programs in the field, The Doctor of Nursing Practice is a practical degree for practicing nurses. The program is 79 credit hours long with coursework done completely online. Students do their clinical hours locally. The Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership is targeted at students pursuing jobs as principals, administration, superintendents, federal and state governmental persons, or other educational leadership professionals.

The coursework for the program is almost entirely online with a mandatory campus seminar to be attended once per semester. The program is 42 credit hours long. News and World Report ranks the University of Arkansas at nationally and 64 among top public schools nationally. Further, the university is ranked at 47 for top online graduate education programs nationally, at for best online graduate nursing programs nationally, at 66 for best education schools nationally, and at 76 for best nursing schools in doctor of nursing practice nationally.

A public institution founded in , The University of Missouri is located in Columbia Missouri on 1, acres. The degree is 72 credit hours.

The Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and is targeted at principals, superintendents, directors, university administrators, faculty, and others.

The coursework is built into a hybrid structure with courses being online as well as two on-campus consecutive summer courses as well as courses in partner campuses in the spring and fall semesters. The online doctorate in Architectural Studies is entirely online.

Optional on-campus workshops are available for students in the summer. All programs except the Nursing Leadership and Innovations in Health care which is 40 credit hours are 72 credit hours.

Most programs are blended and have various on-site requirements. The last program is a Ph. The degree in Occupational Therapy is targeted at professionals in the field while the Health Sciences degree seeks to train researchers in the field. The core curriculum for the inter-professional Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences concentrates on teaching, leadership, advanced practice, and scholarship.

The majority of the doctorate is delivered online but there are a few mandatory face-to-face sessions including the initial orientation, a two-week dissertation boot camp, and for the dissertation defense. The Professional Doctorate in Occupational Therapy is designed for licensed occupational therapists who have a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy.

The program is flexible, allowing each student to tailor their own programm. Applicants must hold a U. News and World Report ranks the University of South Dakota at nationally, tied with the University of North Dakota above, and at among top public schools.

Further, it ranks the university at 86 among top medical schools in research nationally and at 74 in primary care nationally. Founded in , The University of Colorado — Denver provides a number of online doctorates at competitive tuition prices. The university is a public institution located in Denver, Colorado on acres. Prices for tuition are different for each program but the graduate programs in Education places them high on our list. The Doctor of Education, Leadership for Educational Equity program hopes to train educators to be catalysts for change.

The program is a hybrid program with online classes and some on-campus courses throughout. The Doctor of Nursing Practice degree prepares nurses to be experts in clinical practice. I mean, look at their accommodation! Thank you for this article, I found I could do my PhD online, which is even better.

University of Minnesota really caught my eye! I think it might be a good option for those doing nursing, gonna check it out in details. University of Maryland looks really nice, love it! And they have relevant cheap online Phd, should probably consider it.

I really like how does Capella University looks like, a little bit like Hogwarts. Both of these universities have cheapest online doctorate programs. I hope I will get in! Thanks for a very useful info! Like, it has really inexpensive doctoral programs. Go, University of Maryland! Maybe I should consider Winona State University? And I want to stay in Minnesota, so. I really like Walden online courses. Do not listen to others about diploma mills.

Accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission ensures that the online education you receive meets established standards of quality. Walden University is listed in the U. The database is searchable by institution name, accrediting body, and geographic region. CCNE ensures the quality and integrity of online degree programs.

For students, accreditation signifies program innovation and continuous self-assessment. Graduates recognize that, as they seek new positions or entry into doctoral programs, accreditation is valued and may be required. The quality and the reputation are always a bit different depending on which school you choose.

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