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Spatial order essay

Order of Importance

❶Spatial order describes things as they are arranged in space and is best for helping readers visualize something as you want them to see it; it creates a dominant impression.

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9.3 Organizing Your Writing
What does spatial ordering entail?

The view must move in an orderly, logical progression, giving the reader clear directional signals to follow from place to place. The key to using this method is to choose a specific starting point and then guide the reader to follow your eye as it moves in an orderly trajectory from your starting point. Attached to my bedroom wall is a small wooden rack dangling with red and turquoise necklaces that shimmer as you enter.

Just to the right of the rack is my window, framed by billowy white curtains. The peace of such an image is a stark contrast to my desk, which sits to the right of the window, layered in textbooks, crumpled papers, coffee cups, and an overflowing ashtray. Turning my head to the right, I see a set of two bare windows that frame the trees outside the glass like a 3D painting.

Below the windows is an oak chest from which blankets and scarves are protruding. Against the wall opposite the billowy curtains is an antique dresser, on top of which sits a jewelry box and a few picture frames. A tall mirror attached to the dresser takes up most of the wall, which is the color of lavender. The paragraph incorporates two objectives you have learned in this chapter: Often in a descriptive essay, the two work together. The following are possible transition words to include when using spatial order:.

On a separate sheet of paper, write a paragraph using spatial order that describes your commute to work, school, or another location you visit often.

This is a derivative of Writing for Success by a publisher who has requested that they and the original author not receive attribution, originally released and is used under CC BY-NC-SA.

For uses beyond those covered by law or the Creative Commons license, permission to reuse should be sought directly from the copyright owner. Learning Objectives Understand how and why organizational techniques help writers and readers stay focused.

Assess how and when to use chronological order to organize an essay. Recognize how and when to use order of importance to organize an essay. Determine how and when to use spatial order to organize an essay. To explain the history of an event or a topic To tell a story or relate an experience To explain how to do or to make something To explain the steps in a process Chronological order is mostly used in expository writing , which is a form of writing that narrates, describes, informs, or explains a process.

Writing at Work At some point in your career you may have to file a complaint with your human resources department. Exercise 1 Choose an accomplishment you have achieved in your life. Tip When using chronological order, your introduction should indicate the information you will cover and in what order, and the introduction should also establish the relevance of the information. Exercise 2 On a separate sheet of paper, write a paragraph that describes a process you are familiar with and can do well.

Writing at Work During your career, you may be required to work on a team that devises a strategy for a specific goal of your company, such as increasing profits. Exercise 3 On a separate sheet of paper, write a paragraph that discusses a passion of yours. Helping readers visualize something as you want them to see it Evoking a scene using the senses sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound Writing a descriptive essay Spatial order means that you explain or describe objects as they are arranged around you in your space, for example in a bedroom.

Exercise 4 On a separate sheet of paper, write a paragraph using spatial order that describes your commute to work, school, or another location you visit often. Collaboration Please share with a classmate and compare your answers.

Key Takeaways The way you organize your body paragraphs ensures you and your readers stay focused on and draw connections to, your thesis statement. A strong organizational pattern allows you to articulate, analyze, and clarify your thoughts. Planning the organizational structure for your essay before you begin to search for supporting evidence helps you conduct more effective and directed research. Chronological order is most commonly used in expository writing.

It is useful for explaining the history of your subject, for telling a story, or for explaining a process. While it may be hard to form logical relationship with the ordinary use of adjectives, you will find transitions come in very handy. In addition to this, your creativity will help create a spark in the mind of your readers; therefore, it is important to maintain originality as much as you can.

While using spatial arrangement in your essay writing is of great importance both to you and to your reader, excessive usage of it is discouraged. Describing in detail each situation in your essay means that every situation is of the same importance which is not the case.

Therefore, as you use spatial ordering to spice up your writing ensure you do it within the acceptable limits. I liked this piece a lot. Much essential and exciting information. Will use it for my writing classes. It really helped me to get the idea of what spatial order is, and how to use it in writing. Will use it next time for my essay. Your academic papers written by experts. July 14, GradeMiners. You might also like:.

Let us see how spatial order is used while writing. He then decides to put that scene first. Starting from the left-most element in the scene, he moves to the right. Or he may go top-down. He may start from a point far from the main character through whose eyes the readers are viewing the scene. They are words or phrases that are placed in the beginning of a sentence to connect it with the idea expressed in the preceding sentence. Transitional words like these, some of which are prepositions, help the writer give the positional details of the elements in a scene.

In the image given below, a character, say, John, is viewing what one sees in the image. The writer describes the details of the scene, as seen by John, who sees from the eyes of the reader.

The description proceeds from top to bottom and left to right. The writing uses spatial order. The morning walk was calm and quiet. Across the street from him was a block-patterned wall of another building, stretching end to end. The white wall had yellowed through the years, but looked quite strong.

The sun had cast shadows on it. A gray stone sidewalk that run along the wall seemed hushed. On the sidewalk, on the left, was an old black streetlamp. This old rusty lamp, like the wall, had withstood many seasons. On the right, John could see a policeman standing, reading a newspaper. He was standing near a newsstand, whose owner was nowhere in sight. The colorful magazines, newspapers, a stand, and a chair looked orphaned without their owner.

John decided to cross the road and ask the inspector about the newsstand owner. It is the farthest from the reader. Then, the sidewalk has been described.

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As opposed to chronological order or other organizational methods for data, spatial order ignores time and focuses primarily on location, as seen in David Sedaris' description of a Nudist Trailer Park or in this comparison essay by Sarah Vowell.

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Spatial order is important when writing an academic essay. Understanding spatial ordering and simple tips on how to use it in your write up.

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To use spatial order in your essay, emphasize how objects, people, places or. GET AN ESSAY OR ANY OTHER HOMEWORK WRITING HELP FOR A FAIR PRICE! Spatial awareness is the ability to be aware of oneself in space. The paragraph incorporates two objectives you have learned in this chapter: using an implied topic sentence and applying spatial order. Often in a descriptive essay, the two work together. The following are possible transition words to include when using spatial order.