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Infinity revolutionized the perception of floor coverings when we introduced the first-to-market marine woven vinyl flooring. Branded as Luxury Woven Vinyl LWV , this product became the golden standard for flooring and overhauled the idea of traditional carpet.

Commonly called Seagrass, our unique designs and dynamic performance remain unmatched, solidifying Infinity LWV as the highest performing, durable and beautiful brand in the market.

Infinity flooring can be installed through glue down, snap-in mats or loose lay. Our flooring works in high traffic areas, interior or exterior on pontoons, yachts, aluminum fish boats or fiberglass runabouts. No matter the place, it is luxury that suits you. Lumberock Premium Decking is a plastic lumber alternative made with high density polyethylene and a mineral additive. Lumberock deck and dock boards are manufactured to withstand harsh freshwater and saltwater environments.

The decking is waterproof; contains a slip-resistant wood grain pattern and its UV-protecting agent ensures no noticeable fading over time even with direct exposure to sunlight. Unlike traditional wood fill composites or cellular PVC, Lumberock will not chalk, or fade and is impervious to mold, mildew and bacteria.

The boards are available in a variety of dimensional profiles for easy installation and they come with a limited lifetime warranty. We are a company of users, it is who we are. We dream big and we are the harshest. We hope our limitless energy and commitment will help improve safety on the water and make the sport. With extensive research and by implementing the latest in adhesive technology, Megaware KeelGuard has been able to produce a product so tough and reliable that it is backed by a lifetime warranty.

SeaDek is the leading manufacturer of EVA non-skid products for the marine industry. Comfortable, durable and UV resistant, SeaDek if perfect for any boat. From anti fatigue helm station pads and DIY sheet material to fully customized kits for your swim platform or cockpit SeaDek has a solution for your boat. Learn more at www. Sea Hunt Boat Company began in when a father-son team started building center console boats in a small plant outside of Columbia, South Carolina. Demand for the elite product caused expansion of the facilities and product line at a comfortable pace to ensure that the original attention to details and high quality was never lost.

By the little boat company that started in a one room shop expanded to a compact boat building plant that was bursting at the seams.

In March of , Sea Hunt started operations in a state-of-the-art , square foot facility, with the same values that were responsible for our growth — and those values remain to this day.

In the Spring of , Sea Hunt made another expansion to help meet the exploding demand for the best value salt water boat on the market. Sea Hunt Boats — the number one salt water boat in the world. Sharkhide Metal Protectant is a clear, flexible chemical coating that when applied to clean dry metal surfaces will provide years of protection from the elements.

Sharkhide prevents streaks, stains, rust, oxidation and corrosion. Sharkhide Metal Protectant protects metals from the damaging effects of fresh, brackish and salt water as well as all known road deicers. Just wipe it on and it dries in seconds and will protect for years! Shurhold manufactures the best-detailing brushes, machine polishers, waxes, and more. Our mission is to provide you with quality tools and the best techniques to achieve a showroom shine. Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment is formulated to allow all engines to run at peak performance, attain maximum fuel economy, stabilize fuel in stored boats and keep carburetors and fuel injectors clean.

Are pens littering your life? What ideas do you have for reducing disposable pen proliferation? What other waste-related pet peeves are keeping you awake at night? Erica, interesting to focus on a small part of a bigger issue. How is it best to deal with it?

Should there be manufacturer or sector wide return programs; how to return the items-drop off at retailers think of the logistics of that as a retailer! MRF separation technology took a few yrs to get optimized for the current spectrum of materials. Not a small set of issues. People such as yourself are useful catalysts to contacts the manufacturers of the products that intrigue you to start a dialogue and let them know you are interested. Identifying a challenge is the first step to working towards its solution-update us!

Pens are just one piece of the waste stream, and msut be viewed in a larger context of resource conservation and product reuse, repair, return, recycling, rot, etc. Systems designed to accomplish these goals may be sponsored by municipalities, private firms, or the companies themselves e. And as you point out, members of this community can and do serve as catalysts for change.

I read this post this morning and just noticed a poster in the kitchen on my floor at my office encouraging people at my company to recycle their writing instruments. They have a collection point here for the Terracycle Writing Instruments Brigade http: Sanford creators of Papermate and Sharpie products have partnered with Terracycle to give a second life to unwanted writing instruments.

You can recycle pens, pen caps, mechanical pencils, and markers and marker caps which will be turned into plastic storage bins. Thanks for sharing this solution, Alison! But with the right signage, a collection box at school or work can raise awareness of disposable pen proliferation AND give folks a convenient way to reduce it. I just signed up and plan to set out several boxes at my school to start recycling these items!

Where to Recycle Used Pens? Good to see that others have identified pens as an issue. Then what will happen with the pens that we have collected? Has anyone tried to upcycle pens? Figure out a new use? Pens that double as chopsticks that you can write your own fortune with? Now we need to turn our attention to mouse pads, and CD racks. I did not know either Terracycle included a pen program, good to know because I have supplies for them.

A few years back I came to the same conclusion as you Fredrica, and did the same thing: I had not bought any of these items, they all came from work, agencies, free goodies…. Added to my list of need-to-figure-out-recycling-or-disposal items. So I will check again Terracycle. Thanks for the tip Alison! I spoke at an event the other nite, and at the end of the evening, I spied a pile of pens left by the sponsor.

There were so many, they needed their own repurposed coffee cup to contain them in my office. Any advice for an inveterate pen rescuer? Like Elodie, I was planning to offer my working pens on Freecycle. Last week I posted some loose leaf binders there, and got responses from no less than five teachers! I was able to distribute about three dozen binders for use by teachers and students.

If you know a teacher or live near a school, I suppose you could cut out the Freecycle middleman by donating your pen rescues directly.

In fact, I live right around the corner from a public high school. In fact, I have given loose leaf binders and such to them in the past. Never thought about the pens, though…. Those of you interested in donating your used disposable pens, considering your local school. You can be sure that they will be used up! Teachers LOVE getting free classroom supplies. Consider donating your pens to your local school. You can be sure they will be used up! This article is amazing, mostly for the fact that you have that many pens in your house.

I can never find pens where I live. There are 9 of us, and I would say the pen to person ratio here would be 1 pen for every two people. Does this mean I live in a house of eco-minded people?

Or is it because we live in a black hole where everything goes missing except for dirty dishes? I like what you say about technology, I am more likely to see tweets from housemates looking for things, than actually be asked about anything in person. Its very … Also, when I was living in London there were multiple borough sponsored give and take days. As a local artist I was the grateful recipient of many unwanted office supplies from local business and other organizations.

Is it possible they have something like that where you live? Do you remember the company? My refillable Pilot B2P pen is made from recycled plastic bottles i. Having donated a shoebox full of working ballpoints to a teacher via Freecycle, I am now on a pen diet, using only a few favorite refillable pens. I try to keep just one or two in each location—on the desk, by the phone, in my purse, etc. So far, so good! By the way, Jacquie alerted me to a blog post on the Zero Waste Home site about purchasing a good old-fashioned fountain pen, for those who want to try: And in fact, if the item were to degrade, it would create methane, which is 23 times worse than Co2 as a global warming gas.

But if that same item made it into a real compost heap, it would degrade and not create the methane. All it means is that some parts of it or sometimes the whole thing, but with a pen that would be hard to believe were made from plant-based ingredients.

So the benefit would be the CO2 the plants had absorbed while growing originally. Ottman Consulting proudly helped to introduce. And if the bookstore did put in the refillable pen next to the disposable pens.

I think the conclusion to this story will be as interesting as the beginning! I love this article. When I obtain a pen, usually by free give-away, if I like the pen I tend to uses it considerably. I do throw out the used ink needle thingy and keep the remaining pen, and springs and caps etc. I had this conversation with a friend the other day who was lamenting about the number of pens in his drawer that were promo give-aways that ran out of ink after about 4 weeks.

I felt horrible given that our company sells enviro friendly give-aways including pens. So, I started the search to find out how we could help to remedy the situation when I found this blog! Recycling depots like terracycle offer a great incentive for recycling pens which we will promote and direct people to on our site as well. But once we posted it, I was amazed to see how much of a problem having so many pens is for people. So that obviously reflects poorly on the company.

Glad you are interested in more eco ways of resolving the problem for your clients. So, although I had high hopes for this text, it never solidified into a solid body of knowledge for me. As essays, each chapter worked well individually. The seemed only individuals to me, though, milling around each other, sharing a common book cover and table of contents, but little else.

Clear messages and transferrable knowledge suffered, not just because too many apples compared themselves to too many oranges, but because the book seemed like a squadron of essays flying in close formation rather than a single, unified whole.

Brooks is a distinguished person and listening to him often pays off. There are lots of practical guides on the Internet. The book is a collection of wisdom, most of which, however, you have probably heard before. In the first few chapters the book stresses the point that design is iterative process, that it is not possible to get the design right from the very beginning. Then he mentions several cases of how the design of complex system was done in a wrong way.

For example, designing a military chopper without consulting with pilots. Therefore, even during early design stage it is important that users be taken into consideration. And this is indeed why open-source systems are so successful - because they are driven by users of the product.

Brooks mentions that previously the designers were actually the users of the product: But as the time goes by this happens to change: And this is going to happen to the software as well, Brooks claims. As the library of software components gets bigger and bigger, the process of building software becomes more like that in assembly factory: In such a scenario the designer might not even know how to program, and this is the good part.

The drawback is that such software can have bad design. In further chapters of the book Brooks delves into philosophy - empiricism and rationalism. He mentions that abstract math was generated by French philosophers who were mostly into rationalism, whereas applied science was created by Brits who are into empiricism.

Brooks claims that software engineering is totally empirical, that is, requires constant verification, and so is the design of software. Then Brooks sheds light on what are the characteristics of a good design, in his opinion. The major design principles are: But those are just general principles.

When you design something, you have to make thousands of micro-decisions and the way you make them is called style. How to achieve good style? Even great composers such as J.

So, design is a complicated iterative process. As always, documentation plays a very important role. So how can one document the design trajectories? For that tools are needed. Brooks cites a few tools available online, but I cannot say they are mainstream. On the other hand, he fails to mention Mind Maps, a recent tool which is hugely popular among engineers.

To summarize, this book is a message from a successful engineer of previous generation of computer programmers. Can the youngsters learn something from this book? On the other hand, the book will not fix the problems in existing products, but it can help prevent further mistakes. One person found this helpful. Things like defining a budgeted resource, weighting design requirements, and the correct use and cataloguing of exemplars are all terms rarely used from my limited experience in the offices of a video game development studio.

But many of the best video game development practices remain intuitive and undocumented. It is exciting at least, to see how much room for growth there is to grow in such areas. This book has really expanded my big-picture view of the "design" profession as more than just the sum of its parts.

The first chapters provide an illuminating and concise look at the meta-field of design with a focus on computer hardware and software design and the models historically developed to describe it. See all 37 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 1 month ago. Published on July 31, Published on May 14,

Our lift trailer cable is tried, tested and always reliable.

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