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Academic Writing Tools and Research Software – A Comprehensive Guide

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❶No problem at all for reusing the content of Connected Researchers.

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When the deadline gets too close, you start getting anxious and desperate to find an easy way out. Colwiz — This reference manager will accelerate the research process and enable you to sort, cite and share the sources you intend to use. You can use Colwiz to locate relevant articles and manage the notes and references through cloud backup. The best part is that the tool enables you to automatically format the bibliography with over citation styles.

NinjaEssays — This essay writing service can be useful through all stages of research paper writing: You can hire professionals with MA and PhD degrees in the relevant fields of study and rely on their knowledge for faster completion of your research paper.

You can hire an expert to provide you with the right resources, edit your paper or help you throughout the writing process. ReadCube — In order to write a successful research paper, you need to do a lot of reading, managing and citing.

With the help of ReadCube, you can progress through the different stages of completion with ease. The tool enables you to import PDF files from your computer and make them searchable. You will also get daily article recommendations based on the library you collect.

Qiqqa — This free reference manager and research manager is one of the most effective tools you could possibly use during research paper writing. Writing an academic paper can be a challenging task. For that reason, any help you can get with research and organization is normally welcome. The team at Ashford University developed a list of tools that can help write your research paper.

This time-saving reference management program helps you sort through and organize the many sources you accumulate while researching an academic paper. The program allows you to save important quotations along with the proper citation information, including the page numbers. You then use this tool to insert the quotations and add any other materials directly into the document. This tool speeds up the citation process, saving you so much time. As its name suggests, Endnote is referencing software.

You use this tool to create a reference database from resources. The database of references can be edited, organized, and converted into a formatted bibliography and automatically inserted into your research paper.

Under Connect with experts and researchers , you will find a set of tools that help researchers reach out to other researcher and find expertise for new collaborations.

Under Outreach , find tools that help you communicate your research to the general public. Citizen science , gathers tools to help you involve the general public in your research efforts, by sharing CPU time, or counting birds for example.

And under Crowdfunding , you will find tools that help you collect funds for research from others. At the bench and in the office back to top. Here is a collection of tools that help researchers in their everyday tasks. Go to Lab and project management , for tools that help manage stocks and equipments in the lab as well as project management tools for research. Many others are available elsewhere.

Platforms to Find and share samples help you disseminate and find materials and biological samples. Under Protocol repository , you will find a collection of publicly accessible resource for experimental protocols.

Write back to top. Writing tools are adapting to the needs of researchers. Tools to store and manage references are grouped under Reference managers. And with research being more and more dependent on collaborations across labs and continents, collaborative writing tools , help researchers write their manuscript while keeping close track of the modifications done by others to the text.

Manuscript Services and writing assistant tools to come. Publish back to top. Open Access platforms offer an alternative publishing model, allowing anyone to visualize published work for free. Researchers can also maximize the exposure of their work by placing their manuscripts in Paper repositories. In addition to becoming more open, articles are bound to become more interactive. A set of tools allowing you to bring additional functionalities such as executable code to your articles are grouped under Support to publication.

You can also find tools to help your choose from the thousands of journals in activity under Journal reviews and advisors. Evaluate research back to top. New tools are changing the way research in evaluated, both in terms of the scientific value of articles and the overall achievements of researchers. Find under Peer-review , a collection of tools that are changing the peer-review system into a more open and productive process by bypassing journals and editors.

Altmetrics are a set of new tools that analyze the impact of you work by other means than impact factor and citations counts. I work in the AuthorAID project, which among other things offers free e-resources on scholarly writing and publishing. This is great collection of information for researchers. I have got this from the website of AuthorAID. I would like to point out that American Journal Experts operates a free online resource site, Expert Edge http: Expert Edge contains articles focusing on English grammar, academic writing, and the publication process in general.

It also features an English language glossary and several downloadable writing resources. Thank you again for curating this list of helpful resources! Ravi, Ben, thanks for the comments! The Expert Edge site includes lots of resources about writing in English, though, and these articles and downloadable documents are free. In addition, if you have specific questions about your text as you write your manuscript how to phrase a certain sentence, help finding the right term, etc.

One of our experienced editors will be happy to assist you. Thanks for including Mendeley. I noticed you were missing the best current platform from the crowdfunding section — Microryza. This is another tool for collaborative latex editing….

Publons set to revolutionize peer review in physics Connected Researchers. Zappy lab opens the way to mobile apps for researchers Connected Researchers. A quick update on independent peer-reviewing platforms Connected Researchers.

Can I suggest two other links? The other is http: Keeping a chemical inventory to save time and money nanosupply. You should add elabftw to the fourth part.

You might also add scicurve. Thanks for sharing the tools. I have collected over tools that can help researchers to do their work efficiently. It is assembled as an interactive Web-based mind map, titled Research Tools, which is available online at http: This Mind map, consists of a hierarchical set of nodes.

It has four main nodes: See more detail on http: I would add Scoop. This is just fantastic. Thank you so much for putting all of this together. I just stumbled upon the website, and I am so glad I did; what a useful list of resources. I am in the beginning stages of my dissertation and many of these resources will be invaluable! Digital tool for researchers update Connected Researchers. Please consider adding to your list http: This is very interesting and useful.

Thanks for the comment! This is indeed a great collection of tools for researchers — who thought there were so many. I am and others in other fields using for immunology and some related topics a very nice curation tool Scoop. Obvious application for research, learning and teaching. Online tools for researchers Nader Ale Ebrahim.

Thak you for including SciCurve. One thing that i can not find in the list may be exist so enlighten me. For the retrieved reviews from conference or journal reviewers, instead of using excelsheet are there a tool for managing that by listing the reviews, assign deadlines to solve, combining related reviews, keep history of all your papers reviews,……. Excellent compilation of tools for researchers indeed! I was wondering if you would mind to also add our initiative for sharing and licensing of Biological Research Materials and Related Technologies.

We are trying to reach out to scientists to let them know about our open access platform at: Crouzier I feel very disappointed that you did not include our open access platform for sharing and licensing of biological research materials: Not to mention that you went the extra mile and even removed my note where I asked for it. I am quite puzzled what is your censorship based on? A word of advice would be kind, even when removing my comments from your blog.

Thanks for your posts! Your last post got lost in the ton of spam this website gets every day. It was never censored, it simply did not get a chance to go through the approval process. BioMedUSA does seem like a great ressource for scientists! I will add this in the next update.

Thank you very much Thomas for your response and action. I suspected something was amiss as it seemed counter intuitive. Apparently, we both act in the same social purpose to provide helpful tools for researchers, and I repeat: The more I appreciate including our free platform for sharing biologicals in your listings. The correct URL is: And the Libre tool http: The Libre platform seem to be at the late stage of beta testing. But if you have more information about whether the project is abandoned, please share.

I would like to reuse the information contained on this website on our La Trobe University eResearch website — to show digital toolkits that are available to researchers. Would it be ok to use your website in this manner? Thanks for the comment Emma. No problem at all for reusing the content of Connected Researchers. Simply mentioning the source would be enough in return. Great piece of information and nice collection of tools.

Will certainly help many researchers. We have apps for lab analysis automatization. Also, you can export all convertions to Excel file and see converted list of colors. If someone have interest on our apps, please visit our Blogger: Find us on Facebook https: Can I use some of your summary here to put on my website? I would like to let more people in my network know those tools but I need to cut off some of the unrelated links. Of course, I will cite this site for more resources!

Hello, Thank you for your question. Glade to know this ressource could be of help to you and your colleagues! I would prefer a direct link to Connected Researchers. You can link the specific section you need. AQUA is her world. Speeding up Science Knowinnovation. Thomas — you are very very hard to contact directly by email why? I am not on Twitter. Your expertise would be useful here:.

Thanks for your question. You can use the content of this website for academic purposes presentation, report, publication if you correctly reference the site.

If you wish to provide this ressources, please simply link this website. I am writing once more to see whether this opportunity interests you, or whether you would prefer that I not contact you again about this book.

Details of the book are available in my signature. Tips, Tricks, and a Learning Plan http: Five new tools added to the toolbox! Hello to all It is very good and fantastic page. I have a question.

I am a general physician. I have many works that till I have not time to publish them. But now for a qualification in the university for clinician scientist I want to apply but they wanted me to give papers published in more than 1 impact factor in web of sciences. I need help for urgent publication of my work.

Can you help me? Hi Amin, Thanks for your comment. There are a number of ways you could publish your results. Where you will publish depends on many factors. In what field are your potential readers? Do your readers have access to journal subscription, or would it be best to publish in an open access journal? Just make sure to avoid the predatory journals that will accept your article without any serious peer review in exchange for money a list is available here http: Many factors will help you decide.

I discuss criteria for the choice of journals in Chapter 3 of my book on writing for journals http: To publish in journals with a high impact factor, your research must be world-class.

In many cases, it is more practical and effective to publish in journals where your important work will reach doctors and researchers who will benefit the most from your research. I agree with Thomas that you should not submit to journals with weak peer review. A ruthless peer review can be painful, but it is important to ensure that you publish only the highest quality of work. This is particularly important since you are a doctor: I stumbled on this page because I was looking for a tool that would collate notes from the literature.

Would be grateful for a pointer. Also, have heard great things about redcap.


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REF-N-WRITE has an academic phrase bank containing 20, frequently used academic/scientific phrases and templates. Non-native English speakers and international students will find this resource very useful to improve their academic writing skills. What are useful tools for writing academic papers? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Self-Writing Tools. Grammarly | Instant Grammar Check - Plagiarism Checker - Online Proofreader Research paper writing services, that can assist you with their writing help. What are some free tools for research paper writing? Can the dash be used in academic.

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Whether you are writing an article, research paper, essay, blog, and dissertation or PhD thesis, it is important to choose an appropriate writing software tool for your work. The choice of writing software comes down to your personal taste. 6 Useful software tools for academic writers. October 23, By Kim Pawlak Leave a Comment. Research Writer by ActiveScholar. This research writing software (the company offers a free day trial) is developed specifically for academic writers. theses, course papers, essays and books. 5.