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For the point of view of company, an organizational behavior case study helps to increase the productivity and the efficiency of the company and assess employee motivation. Human resources simply mean the group of individuals that make up the company. Management students are required to study human resources in order to learn about, recruitment, making payrolls, promotions and layoffs.

HR students have to prepare leadership case study assignment essays about important personalities like Bill Gates and others in order to study their inspiring qualities. Marketing is the means of communicating the value of the product to the consumers by the company to sell the product and increase profits. Marketing case study assignment essays are written statement prepared by an MBA student who uses both quantifiable and non-quantifiable information to analyze the present market situation of a particular company and predict future marketing trends.

This is the primary step towards writing a research paper. Marketing case studies should begin with a survey. Refer to our marketing case study assignment samples to know how to conduct a marketing survey. Surveys may differ from each other based on their research objectives. Some surveys may either be product-oriented, customer-oriented or brand-oriented.

Yet another group of sample surveys are performed to reveal insight into customer behavior exclusively. A marketing student must conduct two types of analysis: These tools help companies to locate the competitive advantage of business within a particular industry. They are explained below:. DoesLogitech have any weaknesses that can impact its ability to compete in the future? In what ways if any should Logitech change itsstrategic direction? Very good work done here and the expert are really eble to resolve your problems and give u a guide.

Apple is a multinational company making consumer electronics, personal computers, computer services and other software. It is currently a publicly traded company, founded by Steve Jobs on You can also refer to our management case study assignment samples section for detailed information. Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is a form of corporate self-regulation in which a business house monitors its own functioning according to ethical standards, social and ethical laws and international norms.

The company embraces the welfare of its employees, customers and all the other members of the society. It also keeps in mind the overall welfare of the environment, actively promote the interests of the community and eliminate practices which are harmful to the society.

In short it should honor what is called the triple bottom line i. They included areas such as:. A real or fictional account of such a legal case, which requires the application of any one of the following areas of law, is called a legal case study. Legal case studies involve two parties namely: Laws which deal with various legal aspects of a building are collectively called building and construction laws. It involves areas like breach of contract, tendering issues, building negligence etc.

Environmental laws or climate laws refer to a collection of legal statutes, regulations, treaties and customary and common laws which are meant to protect the environment and reverse the effects of global warming on climate. They deal with protection of natural resources and pollution control. Management is an art of getting work done through others. Principle of management is thereby a task of a manager to achieve the individual and group goals further it denotes planning, organizing and controlling the basic elements man, material, machine etc by directing and coordinating the efforts and achieving the goals of the organization Business laws deal with disputes between companies, individuals and trade unions regarding issues on trade, industry and commerce.

Commercial laws are a part of business laws and deal with issues like corporate governance and corporate finance. Competitive laws aim to preserve fair competition and pricing among companies within a particular industry. The 4-step process law is a part of the competitive law and its application helps the company to formulate management policies. A contract law assignment is a legal document between two parties.

Breach of contract is a criminal offense often dealt with harshly in various countries. Although it is impossible to describe each of these areas with a case study assignment sample, we nonetheless give you two instances:.

Once, a charity auction was happening. A person named Bruce who was extremely drunk went to the auction. He was under the influence of alcohol and, therefore, made a successful bid. Theories rely on theoretical sampling for its development. As limited number of cases can be studied, it is important to select important cases. An element of subjectivity is found in non-random sampling.

A multiple-case design is appropriate when the objective of investigation is the investigation of theory. The case study is dependent on multiple sources of evidence and many data collection methods.

Each source of information has its benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, it is recommended that multiple sources of evidence should be used. It enhances the viability and the reliability of the data.

The reliability confirms that the procedure would achieve same results if it is applied repetitively. The analysis of the data depends heavily on the ability of the researcher and it is necessary upon the researcher to present the evidence, establish cause and effect and argue convincingly.

Normative case studies are different from casual and interpretive case studies. It does not contribute to explanatory theory in ways the casual and interpretive theories do. These case studies only considers normative theory such as the ideals and the obligations one should accept. Normative case studies contributes to the understanding of the important public values. For instance, it discusses the qualities of good neighborhoods, the responsibilities of organizational leaders and the events whenever the military intervention is required.

These case studies by demonstrating new situations that had not been envisioned before. These case studies also merge the empirical observation with normative assessment and enable one to analyze ethical concepts. The understanding of normative case study affect one views about the relationship between social science and ethics. Social scientists admit that value inform their research.

For instance, it is normative considerations which allow them to identify important topics than others. The Normative case study also other important implications. It asks one to reconsider their mechanical possibilities, the relationship of social science with ethics and the implications of the philosophy of science. The case studies are an effective method to enable students and faculty to understand the complexities and structures of organizations and leadership styles.

Business cases are considered to be the most effective method to share a variety of experiences. It is a useful way to involve students actively in analyses and decision making.

These cases act as a substitute for on the job experience. They provide one with the exposure to variety of industries and organizations.

It also one to assume a managerial role and act as a test to apply the tools and techniques of human resource management and training. The group discussion over a case study helps one to understand the viewpoint of others regarding the issue.

Cases also allow students to apply classroom learnings to real situations. It can also allow students to develop skills to analyze the more complex problems one may encounter in future. It also enables one to understand the strategies to sort issues and organize them to understand the problem. It also allows students to understand that in real-life scenarios, the data is often ambiguous and not clearly defined. Students may face difficulties using case analyses. They may be uncomfortable with open-ended assignments.

There are students who consider education as a collection of well-explained facts that have same outcomes and assignments which always have single solution. The complex case study can frustrate students and demotivate them. The disadvantage of complex case studies is that the aim of the case study method will not be achieved as the thinking skills of the students are not developed. Team work is crucial if the assignment given is a team assignment.

Students should know the dynamics of the team work to solve the case effectively. It is useful to prioritize cases by their level of difficulty. Early cases used should be easy and interesting that can generate a good level of student interest and enthusiasm. The use of quantitative data is kept to a minimum. In the final stage, the cases are generally complicated and difficult to analyze.

They usually comprises a lot of quantitative analyses. Our Secret of Successful Case Study Writing A case study is an interesting but quite challenging type of academic assignments. Reasons to choose our case study writing service If you are one of those tired of searching the web and trying to find reliable writing service, stop your searching.

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We provide seasonal and referral discounts. Need help with case study analysis paper? How to get an outstanding paper in 3 simple steps: Fill out the order form; Control the writing process; Download your project on time. Our Case Study Skills. With this type of case study, your paper needs to be laser-focused on a specific organization. If you are struggling with writing a case study that would check every box, Grademiners can help. A well-written case study paper is a time-consuming process.

Grademiners has a team of Nursing and Healthcare writing experts for you to rely on in effective writing help. Before writing a paper for you, our experts will complete a series of steps to determine its format.

If you already have a prompt or scenario, feel free to submit it. Finally, your writer will use the referencing style of your choice. Legal case study assignments are where you can apply your knowledge of handling disputes between two legal entities.

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The disadvantage of complex case studies is that the aim of the case study method will not be achieved as the thinking skills of the students are not developed. Team work is crucial if the assignment given is a team assignment. Case Studies Assignment Help Services offered by reliable assignment writing experts of StudentsAssignmentHelp so you can score high grades and enjoy your life/5(K).